1936 silk velvet wedding dress


  The wedding dress of David’s great-aunt Marjorie at the Dressing for Church exhibition in Ripe village hall.                                                                                                                                                                              


1936 magazine

                 A French magazine from 1936 showing a similar neckline.



Marriage certificates of Marjorie Donaldson to Henry A Warran in the spring of 1936.




David’s auntie Pat (Ruby)’s wedding to John Peer in 1947 in which she wore her aunt Marjorie Warran’s wedding dress. His uncle Ray (4th from left) and  his mother Sheila (6th from left); his auntie Marjorie Wilding(right) (she was married only a few weeks earlier).


pat's 1 copy 2

                  Marriage certificates of Pat (Ruby) and John in the summer of 1947.




                      Off white silk velvet to recreate original wedding dress